Almost any blinds can be fitted into a Conservatory but to maximise the reflection of heat and glare away from the interior Pleated blinds are the most efficient.Until recently freehang pleated were the most commonly supplied although they relied on drilling into the UPVC Conservatory frame. To avoid any drilling a new concept has been developed (Perfect Fit) This allows a blind to be fitted to each window frame without any drilling. The system allows a slim frame the size of the window to clip into the frame and hold the blind rigid, this has been so succesfull that the system is now available for roof blinds as well. Its also great for Tilt & Turn windows, French doors, and Bi Fold doors in wood or UPVC or any area where inward opening doors do not permit Verticals or Rollers from being fitted.

Pictured below is Perfect fit Pleated blinds 

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